BYSMOH/SOML 2018 1st Quarter Technical Consultative Group (TCG) Meeting.

27th March, 2018 was a remarkable day at the Hon. Commissioner’s Conference Room, Bayelsa State Ministry of Health (BYSMOH). The Saving One Million Lives Programme For Result (SOML PFoR) Technical Consultative Group under the state ministry of health held its 2018 1st Quarter Technical Consultative Group (TCG) Meeting.

Hon. Commissioner for Health Prof. Ebitimitula N. Etebu, In attendance with 28 other members including the Permanent Secretary of State Ministry of Health Dr. Apoku I. Nathaniel and the State Program Manager Dr. Okoyen Ebikapaye who steered the meeting towards its agenda.

During the course of the meeting, a presentation of Data Analysis was made and members discussed extensively on the findings of the State indices.

Listed below are names, establishment and ranks of members that were at the 2018 1st Quarter TCG meeting;

1. Prof. Ebitimitula N. Etebu         SMOH         – Hon. Com

2. Dr. Apoku I. Nathaniel               SMOH         – Perm. Sec.

3. Dr. T. Egberipou                           SMOH         – DPHC

4. Dr. Kesiye T. Leghemo               SMOH         – PM, SMEP

5. Masa H. Powei                               SMOH         –  PM, SMH

6. Chukwuanu C. Okoli                   CORONA    – Program Off.

7. Cameron Waigha                          SMOL          – Acct.

8. Buduka Ogenma                           OHP             – Project Cord.

9. Jeremiah Tonfamoworio          SMOH          – FP (Representing)

10. Dr. Alfred Ineige                        WHO            – LGAF

11. Ogori Gladys Pekeere               CORONA     – PRGM ASSIST

12. Dr. Kaduru Chijioke                CORONA MS   – Health Dir Lead

13. Ganuyat Eshikhena                  CORONA MS   – State Anchor

14. Donald Ase                                   SMOH          – SIO

15. Dr. Mariere Ulunma                 HSDF           – SPS

16. Boye Sukalime Abel                  InStrat         – Field Associate

17. Beatrice A. Olomiete                 SMOH          – HMIS

18. Ogon-Barthy Murphy               SMOH          – LMCU CORD

19. Kieri B. Summerset                  SMOH          – Director

20. Peter S. Yougha                         InStrat         – State Cordinator

21. Dr. Omas Ubiame                      BSTHI          – Technical Partner

22. Ebiere Ndoni-Gabriel              SMOH          – DPRS

23. Dr. Ebiakpo Agbedi                  SMOH          – DPM Service

24. Dr. Obioma Obikeze                OASIS           – Consultant

25. Dr. Stella Rotifa                         OASIS          – Consultant

26. Dr. Bekesu A. Martins             SPHCDB    – E.S

27. Nwoke Uche                                 AFENET    – DIO

28. Dr. Okoyen Ebikapaye            SMOH         – SPM, SOML

29. Peace E. Saria                             SOML         – Admin Asst